Convert Python Script to Web Interface
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We have a python script, This script looks up information of authors on and returns key opinion leaders . The input of the script is the disease, the country and the top % of key opinion leaders needed The script implements an algorithm to retrieve the data and returns the result. We need the ability to run this script via a web browser. So basically provide a web interface to input and return results from this script. Provide necessary delay to show wait...until the results are returned as in some cases it may be several minutes especially if 100,000s.of records are being analyzed.
If interested, please let us know and we will email you the script.

Hello, could you please send me your actual script ? Do you have a webserver that can run the python script ?
kerncy 28 days ago
Hi, can you email me the script? I'll have a look into it.
dekkard 27 days ago
me too, pls
guy_do_or_die 27 days ago
please email me the script, thanks
Ola 26 days ago
Please send me the script, i will look into this
Subhash Dasyam 26 days ago
please email me at for the script
aasker 25 days ago
Can you tell me which python version you are using ? I had lot of issues making your script run (have to install lots of dependancies)
kerncy 25 days ago
I think its python 2.7
aasker 25 days ago
one of the suggestion given was the following approach convert it for the web...use graph database...Neo4j 1. Show the search form 2. After submitting, show a progress page to tell the user that his query is being processed 3. Simultaneously, the server will fetch records from pubmed by batch and import it to the graph database 4. After processing, the progress page will reload and show the results
aasker 25 days ago
Libraries recommended if we go this route... Flask==0.10.1 biopython==1.66 python-igraph==0.7.1.post6 py2neo==3 neo4j-driver==1.0.0 gearman==2.0.2
aasker 25 days ago
I can't get your script to work, always getting exceptions when loading the distant data. If I propose a web interface that does the same kind of job and you will just have to replace by the call to your python at the end, would it be OK ?
kerncy 22 days ago
I'm getting errors, please could you provide an example of actual input that worked on your system so I can test it on my end?
Ola 22 days ago
After some corrections, i made script working, currently working on WebUI
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago
I understand some of you have had issues in trying to get the script working. I do not have access to the development team but will get back if I am able to find anything.
aasker 21 days ago
@aasker If anyone wants i can give them the working script, my status its almost done with WebUI @aasker if you have team viewer or something i can show my progress
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago
Thanks. Will review and have my developers install and get back if there are any questions. Why are there only 3 results being returned in global and local? is that a parameter restriction somewhere....
aasker 21 days ago
I am not sure about that, i haven't modified anything in existing also, i searched for Blood Cancer instead of brain injury, also i believe this maps country and stores the info ? I just used the same algorithm which is provided and converted to WebUI, please let me know if you find any issues i can fix that :)
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago
ok. no worries. it returns different number of results and I can change the array inside if needed. thanks
aasker 21 days ago
sure :) Hope my solution works for you ^_^
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago

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Posted the solution here please have a look

As asked displaying all the information in browser :)
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago
Updated Instructions and Image on Github please refer
Subhash Dasyam 21 days ago
@aasker did this work ? have you tested this yet ?
Subhash Dasyam 20 days ago
Hi Subhash. I did not test it, but my developers said if there is any question during install we will reach out to you ..may take a few weeks. Hope thats ok...Thanks for your help
aasker 20 days ago
Sure anytime :) also thanks for selecting me for bounty
Subhash Dasyam 20 days ago