Convert OBJ to Cesium 3D Tiles
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I have 4 very large OBJ files. (100MB each) They have companion JPG and MTL files as well.

I can view them in desktop viewing apps but I want to stream them on the web in cesium using Cesium 3D Tiles.

Please provide sample application with demonstrated ability to load at least 1 of the files for streaming in 3D Tiles on Cesium.

Here is zip of one of the OBJ files with MTL and JPG included:

I will tip additionally for a good solution, and even more tip for great explanation and/or creating a solution that will work generically for all of the OBJ files.

Crowdsource coding tasks.

2 Solutions

there's actually a great github project created by the cesium team that does this already.

you can install node and npm on your machine and follow instructions on the repository it is straight forward and works with OBJ and MTL. If you want I can create an app or a script to actually to this process for you.


That would be awesome if you could do that! Basically I believe the process will be: Run obj2gltf, then take the gltf and create 3D tiles out of that (probably using b3dm) -- It should be straightforward but i wasnt able to get anything to appear when i tried. They also have which you can use to streamline the gltf, and also for doing some additional work with the 3D tiles.
Dakrin almost 5 years ago
Contact me please to discuss the script creation @StephaneP
sergeiknysh over 2 years ago

Hi there, maybe my tool can help you if not too late.

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