Convert Handlebars.js templates to ERB templates
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At the moment I'm working on a clone of this project:

His project is written in a mix of Python & Javascript. I'm going with the full Rails stack for now. I'd like someone to convert all of the templates in this directory from Handlebars.js to ERB:

I'd like the conversion to handle variables properly. For example, on line 3 of the SoundCloud template, they use the with keyword to access the variables of user_profile as local variables. The converted ERB should correct that by prefixing all those variables properly. In this case, line 6 should read:

<a href="<%= user_profile.permalink %>" class="profile-avatar">

For now you can submit your answer as a pull request:

Where do you want to the erb templates in your rails clone?
sguha almost 7 years ago
Oh right, that directory is here:
farleyknight almost 7 years ago
I've already got a couple social networks, as you can see.
farleyknight almost 7 years ago

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