Convert function from Python to C++
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Write a C++ implementation of the following python function:

The implementation may use any freely available matrix, array, linear algebra, or other libraries. Please include test cases that show the function works properly.

The implementation should not act as a wrapper for the pysal library.

Working on this!
BrianSantoso almost 3 years ago
Sounds good! I will accept once complete.
EatingEmbers almost 3 years ago
Which code do you want to see implemented in C++, just the edsa.moran.Moran class?
BrianSantoso almost 3 years ago
That's correct, just the edsa.moran.Moran
EatingEmbers almost 3 years ago

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1 Solution


This wasn't a solution, it's just a suggestion.

i have made a research, and i find out a library in C++, you might find it useful.


This article contains a list of best libs, classified by context/ language.


Hope you find that useful :)