Complete this regex to capture src path for HTML image tags
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I'm building a regular expression to capture the src path of images in HTML tags.


It needs to accommodate for single or double quotes, as well as variability in terms of the order of attributes in the image tag.
Also needs to ignore other elements that have src's (like iframes, script, etc.).

The provided example is like 80% there, just stuck on getting it 100%.

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Hmmm... this seems to do the job on the test page:

img(?:.*=['|"].*['|"])? src=['|"]([^/|^http?s].*?)['|"]


It's capturing too much. For example, for: <img class="center" src="kitten.jpeg" style="width:200px"> It should just capture kitten.jpeg But it's capturing img class="center" src="kitten.jpeg"
Difranco over 3 years ago
Paste the test text in the textarea and press the REGEX button. You should be OK.
kostasx over 3 years ago
I see now where I was mistaken - I was confusing "matches" and "captures". Got it working in my application ( Thanks for the solution.
Difranco over 3 years ago
Exactly. Thanks! ;)
kostasx over 3 years ago

Here's mine:


Please don't use a regex, use JSDOM, an HTML parser, or whatever... just don't try to process a structured language with as loose syntax as HTML via regex.

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