Code vulnerability challenge
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The link bellow is a non malicious application that contains at least one bug that renders the system running it vulnerable to attack. The person who provides correct answers to first two questions and will elaborate enough for the third question wins the opportunity to be considers for a great remote work.

The goals of this challenge are:

1: Discover software vulnerabilities by inspecting a binary code.

2: Using C or pseudocode, suggest potential fix(es) to the application to make it more

3: Clearly explain your solutions, or answers.

Link to a binary file:

you said it's a secure code, but apparently, by file inspect, it's showing a form for submitting Mac address...
Chlegou over 2 years ago
The file is save to inspect, but it's not secured. Find those flaws and suggest the most effective solutions to remediate bugs, that's the the proposed challenge
John over 2 years ago

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