Click to send url to user - email and sms
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I need a way to let users click a button/link and it will bring up a form to send an email or SMS with a preset message to their own email/phone. (Its to send them a link so they don't have to retype it in their browser)

It needs to work easily on a wordpress site.

I'm willing to tip for a fast, working solution.

So you're looking for a plugin? and is using Twillo okay for sending SMS?
alex over 8 years ago
a plugin that works correctly (sorry, its been a heck of a day), or javascript that I can put in easily. I'll go check out twillo, thanks.
coriej over 8 years ago
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Alright, try this. I hardcoded the settings in email_sms_plugin_settings.php.

To setup the script, you'll need to set your Twilio Account SID ($TwilioAccountSid), Twilio Auth Token ($TwilioAuthToken), the from number to a valid Twilio number ($FromNumber)(Must be in the YYY-YYY-YYYY format), your from email ($FromEmail), your desired email subject ($EmailSubject), and your desired message ($Message) in email_sms_plugin_settings.php.

$FromNumber = "YYY-YYY-YYYY";
$FromEmail = "XXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX";
$EmailSubject = "Email from Email SMS Plugin.";
$Message = "This is my message";
Thanks - this looks great!
coriej over 8 years ago
Thanks - this looks great!
coriej over 8 years ago