Character space visualizer - javascript
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We are working on a lot of space delimited files and need an easier way to visualize what's going on with spaces. Here is what we are picturing for a solution. We have a page with a text area on it - with alternative option to upload .txt file. We can copy paste in to it and then it will render out something like this

then it will be easier to visualize the spaces and string lengths. Maybe it would be nice to wrap the counting so that its easy to see and fit on a page vs having an infinite horizontal scroll.

One tricky note, we need to also be able to see carriage returns. it would be good at the end of a row to show some symbol that makes it obvious that its end of row and has a carriage return vs just the line ending without a return.

Please post solution to - should work in chrome, should suppose maybe 20+ rows with maybe 500 characters in a row.

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Hello Qdev,

here's my solution to this:

You can upload .txt file or input text into the textarea. New-line characters are highlighted with background color. I was not sure if you also need to highlight the words, let me know if I should add that.

Does this solve your problem?

Feel free to ask if you want to add any features, thanks!

hey this is fantastic. how would i go about setting position 1 to 1 and not zero?
Qdev 7 months ago
I just made an update to start from 1 instead of 0.
radosinsky 7 months ago