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See website:

I would like the "SUBSCRIBE NOW" button color to be changed to red, #dd3333. All other colors should remain the same

This site is built on wordpress and the Launch Effects theme. I have the ability to insert code into the HEAD and BODY tags. Can also insert custom CSS. When updating head or body tags, the code must have opening and closing script tags.


awarded to kc00l

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Winning solution

Go to WordPress Admin > Launch Effect > Designer > Global Settings > CSS and Scripts and add the following CSS code.

#signup span#submit-button-border {

#signup input#submit-button, #signup #submit-button-spinner {
  background-color: #dd3333;

#signup input#submit-button:hover {

Tell me if the darker hue is dark enough, otherwise we can try #aa3333 or darker.

thank you!
calamai over 5 years ago