Building an inventory tool using Parse
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We’re in the process of building an inventory tool and have decided to use the Parse ( platform. The learning curve has been higher than expected and we need to do the following:

1) Build a template with a form that captures:

 1) Inventory Item
 2) Inventory Holder (name of user with inventory item)
 3) Date of Assignment
 4) Comments (need to be threaded and time stamped)

2) Saves the form data to the Parse Data Object

3) Updates the Express JS template with a grid of all inventory items (basically as each item is added to the inventory, a grid showing all of the inventory items should be below the form with a record of each item).

4) The ExpressJS template should be built as an ejs file and use the twitter bootstrap responsive UI framework.

Criteria for Success:

1) Form saves data to the Parse Data Object (can be viewed in the account viewer)

2) Express JS template has form and a data grid showing all inventory items and automatically gets updated each time a new item is submitted on the form.


Parse JavaScript SDK -

Parse Express JS -

Parse Account Signup: - you can setup a new free account for this bounty here.

Sorry my laziness, but what do you mean by "Comments (need to be threaded and time stamped)"?
alv-c 9 years ago
It's partially out of scope for this bounty, but the idea is that when comments are added/ edited (edited is out of scope right now) there is a time stamp on when the comment was added. When we do the editing the plan is to keep all previous comments rather than replace the existing comment. Does that help?
FMM 9 years ago
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You can download my version from Dropbox, let me know if you need anything else.

Runs on port 3000 by default, just cd into the bountifyInventory directory and do node app.

Note that you should change bountifyInventory/views/index.ejs:78 to use your own API keys.


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