Please design this Wireframe
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Hello, I have a layout that I like done in CSS3/HTML5
**For the wireframes, I think twitter bootstrapping it as close to the wireframes as you can get.

Willing to tip for extras

Pdf doc here

Users select a series of Paths from a drop down tree list (from DHTMLX treeview), not the best but it is ok.

Users selected from the treeview and clicks the Add button.

Task1: Display selections from the treeview on the left hand side of the page (fix column) and show a table as shown in pdf document. Take any dummy data and display a table with published date, modified date, etc.. Since this is custom js, you can skip it and just show a drop down with a series of selections. Highlight some and click Add.

Task2: Each selection is shown on the left hand side.
Just show the selection from the drop down (the ones you have selected) on the left hand column where clicking on them display a series of filters that expand down-ward.

Task3:Changing the filters, should change the Table content. See a similar example here

Task4 Result set is displayed in a table format in the middle section of page. (columns are sort-able)

Essentially all data payload will be loaded from the server at once, and the filters should change the result set dynamically. You should use data in json format as your input.

Task5 for component and field report, a modal windows should come up to allow the user to select a series of check boxes for each language. These selection are just check boxes with lables of en for English and sp for spanish etc... just use a few language.

Task6 ** Deliverable is a page as shown in the pdf document with the javascipts required to perform the actions (excluding the custome js**)

Now allow the user to select each row or all the rows from the table and output these selection ( languages and the rows selected as raw html and display it).
So essentially all you need to do at this point is to output the language selected (the check-boxes) along with the rows. The goal is, I will take that raw data and compare sites for components and fields across different languages. For example a site could have many languages. I want to know which fields have the same settings and which components are locked or unlocked.
Hope this is clear.

Pdf doc here

I will respond quickly and willing to Tip for extra layout deign and enhancements as you see fit.

I glanced at your spec. It is somewhat confusing but if I got it right, this is quite a big job - I suggest you lower your specifications otherwise I doubt anyone is gonna come up with a solution on time. Just #1 would require a custom JS component. Also, #1.1 and specially #1.6 could benefit from a better explanation, they look completely cryptic to me.
alixaxel over 7 years ago
@Parkor I agree with alixaxel. You're not going to get this done with $100. Its a pretty big job.
apr over 7 years ago
Thank you both for your comments. I am going to follow up on Alixaxel and provide more details in the next 1 hour. As for this being a big job. I agree as well. So there will be a TIP that will be provided as well. I am open to your suggestion to even break this apart as long as the end result can be integrated together. Again. I will work on the PDF to provide more details and provide also a Word format where your can make comments and I can provide specific answers. Thank you all.
Stryker over 7 years ago
@Parkor I would suggest to just make the home page in bootstrap (no custom JS), would be $100.
apr over 7 years ago
awarded to alixaxel

Crowdsource coding tasks.

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Hey there, can you think of an example of what an extra component would be?

Hi AIMon, not sure I understand an extra component. Field report and Component report are links that when either one is clicked, they bring up the language dialog box to allow user to select the languages. Next they user must be able to select 1, many or all the records in the result set table and out put the html paramaters to show what languages the user selected and which rows of the result set table. Hence the user must be able to select/highlight one or many rows or all the rows of the table. Your output at this point is only the html parameters of the result set table and the selected languages. I will take the output and generate the report on the back end. Thank AIMon.
Stryker over 7 years ago
Did I answer your question AIMon?
Stryker over 7 years ago
Yes it did. Thanks.
AlMon over 7 years ago
Hi AIMon, Not sure if you are working on this or not, but if so, when do you expect to have it ready. Thanks I am available if u have any questions.
Stryker over 7 years ago
Thanks for making yourself available, Parkor. Due to the considerable workload that I'm bearing at the moment, it would be very difficult for me to complete this project for you. I'm sure somebody else will come around as these kinds of projects are pretty great. Best of luck!
AlMon over 7 years ago
Thanks AIMon, if you manage to have sometime to do some portion of it, that would be great too. Thanks for considering it.
Stryker over 7 years ago

Work in Progress

I'll take care of the filtering and code clean-up tomorrow.

Sure thanks Alix.
Stryker over 7 years ago
@alixaxel nice job!
apr over 7 years ago
@akshatpradhan: Thanks! it's still a bit messy and there are lots of weird bugs but it's getting there. ;)
alixaxel over 7 years ago
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