Build a rotational curve graph
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Greetings. I would love to have a rotation curve built from the data in this exercise. Goal: show all the data in a plot, plus error bars for the associated data. I plan to add it to this collection. Bonus for doing it in an IPython Notebook so I can see the code, but feel free to use whichever Plotly API you'd like.

Hi, i have a good experience working with web charts, if you accept doing it in JavaScript (web charts), contact me, this is my email:
Chlegou 1 year ago
@msund, have you had a chance to review the solutions for this bounty? Thanks!
bevan 12 months ago
could you review the solutions?
gabrielsimoes 12 months ago
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Here's my solution:
Visualize it here:

EDIT: fixed some bugs, which may have appeared in other solutions... I was using the Milky Way's mass instead of Andromeda's, which caused the Kepler prediction to seem correct, but this method for cumputing it doesn't seem right to me. Also, I attached how to do it with plotly both offline and online and added comments into the code.

Looking forward to fix anything you might not agree on.
gabrielsimoes 1 year ago
oops, noticed after editing my solution went last in the timeline, whatever
gabrielsimoes 1 year ago
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