Break watermark video protection
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I'm looking for someone to break the watermark on the video in the following URL.

My goal is not to hack it, but to make sure their video protection is as good as advertised, since I'm considering becoming their client.

To complete the task you should provide me with a video showing how you managed to remove the watermark or download the original video without the watermark. You may use whatever means you want, as long as it doesn't involve editing the video itself.

i have posted a well explained solution, please check it ;)
Chlegou over 1 year ago
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Hi there,

To achieve wanted results, there is 2 options. according to VdoCipher documentation, watermarks are optional. they are used only when they are set in plugin configuration.
link: (same link you shared)

1. Cancel Annotations (Watermark) to all Wordpress videos:

from the docs, we could read:

Once set, the annotation code is applied over all VdoCipher videos in your WordPress.

that means, when we leave the annotation block empty, no annotation will be added to all wordpress videos.

here is written in the settings webpage:

Then the solution will be, left that text box empty. that's it.

2. Cancel Annotations (Watermark) to Some Wordpress videos:

from the docs, we could read:

If you want a particular video not to show the annotation, you need to pass another attribute to the short-code.

like that: [vdo id='12345678' no_annotate=true]

the no_annotate attribute will handle removing the watermark for particular videos when set.

that means, we could add it when we don't need the watermark to be shown for some particular videos.
to add it, you need to edit the VdoCipher component as HTML, and then add the no_annotate attribute like others attributes wanted following the docs.

Then the solution will be, use the no_annotate attribute when needed.

3. Videos:

Since Tests was made in localhost, i couldn't give the real demo link, but I have saved some videos to show results as required:

Video #1: (with watermark)

Video #2: (without watermark)

sorry for the noises in videos ( was using headsets when recording, that's why they looks muted) ... :)
Chlegou over 1 year ago


not really a solution, but look, their API is based on the Shaka Packager library, version 1.6.2 which is not the latest (2 years old), this an open source project by Google: "a tool and a media packaging SDK for DASH and HLS packaging and encryption. It can prepare and package media content for online streaming."

Documentation here:

So, even if you can download the file, that's easy, you cannot play it without the authentication key from their API service. Which means you always depend on their service. What you can do is directly use the Shaka packager, create an encrypting environment to prepare the files and set up your hosting to serve the encrypted videos, as explained here:

Which is, basically, what the VdoCipher service is providing. In other words, no, you cannot access the original files without the watermark, unless breaking into the API servers, but that would not be nice.

Winning solution

Hey, here's my solution that not only avoids watermarking, but also downloads video files.

I had to put together a little app to handle the whole download & decryption process. I won't dive into the technical details of my solution, as the authors and users of VdoCipher plugin probably wouldn't be very happy if I did so.

Video proof of downloading and playing the required file: Streamable

Bonus video of downloading and playing the video file that's available top right on their homepage (while it has no watermarking, I still shouldn't be able to download it): Streamable

Contact me directly (on my profile page) for any additional proof or details, if required.

When I checked this on my own and with tech team, we found that demo videos of Vdocipher were also encoded for low security/zero security for increasing browser/device compatibility. The customer accounts had higher security protocols as compared to free videos. There was also options of upgrading DRM security in paid accounts.

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