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Potential Solution

Hello @sebmack,

Could you please check out if this repository works for you?

Thank you,



I updated the plugin to use correct path when looking for filename presets. You can find the plugin here:

I tested this on Windows and publishing with custom filename template works without errors. If you'd like me to test this on macOS too, please let me know.

You'll probably get the error about ExifTool missing. You can either ignore this error (if you do not plan to use ExifTool), or set path to exiftool executable in the plugin manager following these steps:

1) Go to Plug-in Manager -> rc TreeSync Publisher -> Preset Manager

2) Create new preset by selecting New Preset in the dropdown menu

3) Scroll to the bottom on new preset's file and change _t.exifToolApp = nil from nil to path to your ExifTool executable (which you can find here:

Winning solution