Bot-reminder for messenger
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We are the team of corporate messenger dialog. We have Java Bot SDK to create bots in our messenger. Since it is new, we want to order a few bots from the community for demonstration purposes.

The documentation of our Java Bot SDK is here:

Our messenger has a web client, you should use it for the development:

For web use endpoint:

For grpc use endpoint:
Test accounts:

alice / password

After you've logged in you should write to Security Bot user and write command /bot new bot_username bot_name where bot_username is the username you can choose for your new bot and bot_name is his display name

We've open-sourced the bot for stress tests. This bot is able to register on the server, synchronizing with the phonebook and sending messages.

The bot is available at

Please feel free to ask questions in our community

Our developers are always happy to help and answer your questions.

Scenario for the bot:

This bot's purpose is to remind the user about the messages that the user has sent.


The very first message from the bot to the user

Bot: Hi! You can send me a message and I will remind you about it at the right time.

Each text message from the user initiates a new reminder request

User: "Pay server"

Reminder request initiates, the start of script

Bot: Ok! When do you need me to remind you of this?

Bot: [Buttons]

- In 30 minutes

- in an hour

- In two hours

- Tomorrow

- A week later

- Indicate the time

If the option "Specify time" is selected, then the following message

Bot: [dropdown menu with a choice of hours (24h) and a dropdown with a choice of minutes]

After specifying the reminder time

Bot: Ok, got it! I will remind you at the right time.

At a specified time

Bot: Hey! You asked to remind "pay server".

For bounty to be verified, the bot must be running and working on

Hi Maay you seem to be having put up duplicate bounties kindly rectify
SilverHood Apps 3 years ago
I haven't been able to log in in the provided server/users. Is it an error on your side?
gabrielsimoes 3 years ago
Didn't completely get it, but contact Bountify asap or Bevan at , he's the best at handling problems at Bountify. Or put a feedback here Ps: I'm just another bounty hunter
SilverHood Apps 3 years ago
I wrote at contact immediately it happened but got no answer from there. The site lagged, gave me heroku error and after page refresh doubled the bounty.
Maay 3 years ago
@gabrielsimoes Which endpoint did you entered using web app?
Maay 3 years ago
@Maay I have tried logging in at using the endpoint and the alice, bobby and testuser usernames.
gabrielsimoes 3 years ago
@gabrielsimoes For grpc use this enpoint
Maay 3 years ago
You have to open and enter as endpoint. Then enter alice as username and password as password. Does it works for you?
Maay 3 years ago
@Maay i've tried and it worked, signed in good at first attempt. Then tried sending any message it did not accept any. Writing a word and hitting space results in clearing the pervious word. Idk if thats intended. Btw what are we supposed to do in the bounty? Test the functionality or developm one?
SilverHood Apps 3 years ago
@SilverHood Apps In bounty you should develop a bot functionality. In by using endpoint and user alice with "password" password will get you the test interface. You will be able to send a message in a normal way. The functionality that needs to be developed is described in the bounty itself.
Maay 3 years ago
@SilverHood Apps After you've logged in you should write to Security Bot user and write command /bot new bot_username bot_name where bot_username is the username you can choose for your new bot and bot_name is his display name
Maay 3 years ago
@Maay ohk 👍
SilverHood Apps 3 years ago

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Here is my solution:

under /examples/reminder

I have it running as "reminder_bot" under, but I won't be able to let it running for too long.

You can see a sample interaction under the user "alice".

Can you make a pull request here?
Maay 3 years ago
I have made a PR here and also here Feel free to accept either.
gabrielsimoes 3 years ago
Please see some comments at dialog-reminder-bot
Maay 3 years ago
@gabrielsimoes any luck with that? You seem to get it all working, just a few style edits needed.
Maay 3 years ago
I'll get it done as soon as I can. I have been very busy in the last few days, but I might be able to solve the edits by tomorrow night.
gabrielsimoes 3 years ago
@gabrielsimoes great, bounty will be live 17 more hours!
Maay 3 years ago
Actually, you I think you can still select a solution, right?
gabrielsimoes 3 years ago
Yes I can
Maay 3 years ago