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We are the team of corporate messenger dialog. We have Java Bot SDK to create bots in our messenger. Since it is new, we want to order a few bots from the community for demonstration purposes.

The documentation of our Java Bot SDK is here:

Our messenger has a web client, you should use it for the development:

For web use endpoint:

For grpc use endpoint:
Test accounts:

alice / password

After you've logged in you should write to Security Bot user and write command /bot new bot_username bot_name where bot_username is the username you can choose for your new bot and bot_name is his display name

We've open-sourced the bot for stress tests. This bot is able to register on the server, synchronizing with the phonebook and sending messages.

The bot is available at

Please feel free to ask questions in our community

Our developers are always happy to help and answer your questions.

Scenario for the bot:

This bot's purpose is to fill in a table in Google Sheets the same way it is filled in with a Google Form. In this example, we will set up bot to maintain a list of purchases in our office. To submit a bounty, bot must be connected to any public Google Sheet.

The very first message from the bot to the user

Bot: Hi! Send me what you need in the office and I will create the purchase request.

Each user request will be a table's row, answers to the bot questions will be columns of the table.

User: Coca-Cola

Bot creates a new row in the table. The user's request is in column A (column title - "Order"). User login is in column B (column title - "Customer"). The time of the order is kept in column C (column title - "Order Time").

Bot: Is it food or not food?

Bot: [dropdown menu with a choice]: -Food; -Not food

User response is kept in column D (column title - "Order type")

Bot: In which office is this order?

Bot: [dropdown menu with a choice]: -DF; -Pok; -Nov; -Znam.

User’s answer is kept in column E (column title - "Order office")

Bot: Thank you, your order is placed and will be purchased soon.

The office administrator will contact you as soon as the order arrives at the office.

For bounty to be verified, bot must be started and work on and should fill in any table in Google Sheets

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I have the source code.
m8928 over 4 years ago
Do you have a sourcecode? Can you make a pullrequest to
Maay over 4 years ago
@m8928 great pull request! Just one more thing please, may be I was not clear, but you need to push only the bot code, not the whole sdk
Maay over 4 years ago
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