Boothstrap layout in custom theme template
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I have a theme from and i need to use it to create this page layout.

in the screen I have the page content and left nav, you can leave the header along. In the page we have a list/calendar/map. the list page is shown in the screenshot, the calendar can use the calendar dropped in from the template, and the map can also use the a google map dropped in from the template (marker example).

Final solution can be a zip of just the needed css and html, I can manage merging back. I will provide a zip of the template to you for this, just shoot me an email and ill reply with the url to it. Once accepted I will need you to remove the final solution for copyright purposes.

All bootstrap 3 should be used here.

awarded to MSF

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Here is a solid start for you; (replace index.html with the gist; note at the bottom that popular bootstrap date picker library,, was added.


I copied over the page code, i ran in to a couple things. 1 - the tab content for daily is just text, are you able to put in the rows with controls we need here for time input? The second set of tabs (the nested ones) they seem to pick up the styling from the parent container tabs and then looks weird . I suppose I need the top ones styled like the template has and the nested ones to resemble bootstrap. I checked the template, , and they have both but not mixed. Do you have ideas? The last item is on the date range picker, I am thinking maybe we should just use the one that is already on the page in the header what are your thoughts?
Qdev over 7 years ago
sorry @Quotient - but got very busy with work. feel free to contact me off-bountify or up this one if you want to work together on this issue. best of luck either way!
skram over 7 years ago

I want to work on your bounty. Please send me everything that you think I will need to complete this. email:

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