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Switching Gears

Posted by bevan on Oct 05

Bountify has been live for over a month now and this blog is long overdue. A lot has happened in Bountify's first month: users have signed up and posted bounties (real ones, I swear!), and I've iterated based on feedback and usage. All things considered it's going very well.

As a solo tech founder who's more accustomed to coding than to the soft skills of business development, I've been faced with a number of unfamiliar and difficult challenges since launch. Namely, it's been tough reaching potential users. Marketing is much further outside my comfort zone than building a Rails app. This blog has been pretty tough to start too- writing is like pulling teeth when you're not used to it! It's now clear that building the site was the easy part. It seems that the real challenge will be in recruiting and retaining users.

This blog will be about the process of switching gears from a tech focus to a marketing one, and other topics of interest to founders- especially solo tech founders like me who're facing the daunting task of getting real users.

I invite you to follow along!


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