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Bountify spawns a suite of HN tools

Posted by bevan on Dec 20

Bountify users have recently posted interesting bounties for Hacker News-related tools. As a result, now hosts a neat collection of HN-related scripts and apps:

1) Rails app: text me when my site is on HN

I'm hosting the working solution at (I tweaked the UI before deploying). Really cool app! Not bad for $50!

2) Chart last 100 posts to HN by username and URL

It turns out a small number of users are responsible for the last 100 HN posts.

3) Save your HN drafts

A concise script that adds a button to HN that lets you save your drafts to the browser's localStorage.

4) Setting up an HN button server

I posted this bounty too. The hn button hosted at Appspot was timing out about half the time, so I decided to host my own. These instructions were super easy to follow (I had no prior knowledge of AppEngine or Go). I think the original hn button server has since increased its bandwidth, but hosting your own button may be more confidence boosting.

5) Chart URLs submitted by a user, and users submitting a URL

Cool, revealing script!

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