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Bountify now accepts (and pays out) bitcoins!
Posted by bevan 8 years ago

Pay for bounties and receive winnings in bitcoins!

Paying for bounties with BTC

You can now pay with bitcoins instead of using your credit card when posting bounties. Everything else is the same; the bounty amount will still be shown in dollars, and there will be no visible indication that you paid in BTC.

Cashing out in BTC

Now, when you win bounties, you can choose to receive the equivalent bitcoin amount instead of having the money sent to your Paypal account. All bounties can be paid out in bitcoins, even if the bounty creator paid in dollars.


We use's API to query the current price. We use the current exchange rate when you post a bounty or when you cash out to calculate the price or payout.

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Bountify spawns a suite of HN tools
Posted by bevan 10 years ago

Bountify users have recently posted interesting bounties for Hacker News-related tools. As a result, now hosts a neat collection of HN-related scripts and apps:

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Host your own Hacker News button server
Posted by bevan 10 years ago

Use the HN button on your blog? Then you've probably noticed that the button server is very frequently over its quota.

I posted a bounty last week asking for instructions on setting up my own HN button server on Google Appengine. The instructions I received were very straightforward and I had my server up in no time.

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Making the front page of Hacker News and the value of good press
Posted by bevan 10 years ago

At 2:30am one night two weeks ago, I was surprised to see two users sign up on Bountify within a minute of each other. Bountify hadn't gotten a new user in several hours, so its sudden popularity was unexpected. I fired up Google Analytics, which revealed a steady stream of visitors coming from (thanks @danabramov!).

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Switching Gears
Posted by bevan over 10 years ago

Bountify has been live for over a month now and this blog is long overdue. A lot has happened in Bountify's first month: users have signed up and posted bounties (real ones, I swear!), and I've iterated based on feedback and usage. All things considered it's going very well.

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