Better Organize the macOS Launchpad
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Hello, I have been using defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool true; killall Dock to tidy up my launchpad but it doesn't seem to be able to actually sort all of the apps alphabetically—it will sort the stock apps and place them into their own page, and then 3rd party apps in another.

Is there a way to accomplish something like does, without needing that app in particular? Willing to tip more for a solution to this. Please let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!

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The simplest solution: drag the Applications folder from Finder onto the Dock and use the result instead of the Launchpad. I always use it because Launchpad seems inconvenient to me.

If this advice is useless for you, I know another way, but it's complex and can appear less reliable.

Hello! Sorry for the lateness here. I went ahead and awarded you the solution. I would be interested to hear the more complex option (out of curiosity). Thanks!
lovemealatte almost 2 years ago
First, thank you very much. About the second way: I found the information where and how does Launchpad store its list of applications (here is the source of the info:, and I could write a shell script to arrange this list. But 1) it would be relatively complex; 2) it can appear unreliable: this database structure is not officially documented by Apple and may change with any update, and since the script overwrites the data it can damage it in this case.
TheOsch almost 2 years ago
Hey again! You're most welcome. Thank you for that! I am digging into this now, but if you're interested, I may reach out soon for more on this. I appreciate your help!
lovemealatte almost 2 years ago
Maybe you'd by chance like me to write the script? I an make it by today.
TheOsch almost 2 years ago