BeTheme Header Display Issue
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Our website recently went through an update and the original web designer is unable to figure out why an element on our website is no longer displaying correctly.
If you look at this snapshot of our page, you'll see the way it used to display. There was a semitransparent graphic that was visible in-place of the white bar that exists today;

  1. Original Look -
  2. Look Today - (Normal header bar, RGB 236, 236, 236).

If you inspect the code, you'll see that the image ( is actually still there in the Header. But for some reason, the white bar is taking precedence and the graphic no longer displays correctly.

Being that this is a BeTheme from Wordpress, I can use Custom CSS code at the theme level or Custom JS. Also, if you know BeTheme there may also be a setting but I have been unable to find it.

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it looks like there were a lot of changes to the header, including the HTML layout. The header is missing correct background-color, background-size and background-position properties.

Also, positioning of the header is different from the original version. You might need more changes to the styles (menu position, for example), but this CSS code should fix the header background and position:

Let me know if this solved your problem or if there's anything else I can help you with.

Thank you!

Thank you for trying to help! I added this code into the custom CSS Options for the theme but no-joy. I can't yet see that anything changed.
drbotts 24 days ago
It looks like there's another custom CSS added in the theme customizer, could you try removing these lines?
rmi 22 days ago
Well done. That was it!
drbotts 21 days ago