Best way to allow users to download class content.
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I own a website that has video classes in zip files of varying sizes (from 9 mb to 900 mb).
I need to host these zip files someplace.

I used to give the zip files out as "public links" on my Amazon s3 server. And this worked great for years. But today, i think someone started "deep-linking" to my files (or something) because Amazon just notified me that my server fee is $30 dollars in the last 24 hours. And, previously, I didn't even spend that much in an entire year.

I'm not a great programmer but i know PHP and WP Theme design. Anyone know of a good (easy) way for me to solve this problem?

e.g. whats a good "content delivery system" for someone like me? I guess i'm going to somehow have to use PHP to generate temporary links for people who signup to my site--thus temporarily allowing them to download the php files.

Right now i don't even know where the traffic spike came from because Amazon s3 analytics is impossible for me to figure out.

I guess i need some sort of "content delivery service" for my files--that is easy to use.


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hi, i suggest, you make a backend service with oauth2 (spring + oauth2) token which should expire in 1H. so users, in order to access the files, he have to get a token from your web app.
then in backend, after token verification, you map the database to fetch the file needed, or you run a proxy to fetch the file from your server disk. i believe this is the most secure way to do it and to block web crawlers.


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Give Seafile a shot:

They have an open source version with advanced file sharing options. Can be integrated with WordPress.

would this allow me to create temporary links? What would be their solution to my problem?
tonloc over 1 year ago
You could create "share links" and make them temporary. See the official documentation: Here: ...and here:
bulletpr00f over 1 year ago
P.S. I would be remiss to admit that this is a nontrivial alternative to using AWS or other big cloud provider such as Azure. Perhaps, your problem is nontrivial rather than easy, but I hope you find what you are looking for. Here are a few more open source solutions which I stumbled upon: Lufi Jirafeau
bulletpr00f over 1 year ago

Please look there: . Looks like it can help you.

The owner says the help guide on his website was lost and he doesn't update it. Do you think it still works? Do you know of an alternative plugin?
tonloc over 1 year ago - it does the same thing, but this one doesn't look abandoned.
TheOsch over 1 year ago

if you need only download, torrent + magic link is the best way to share large files

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