Awesome map popup with animation (updated)
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Looking to get a concept of this design running on a google map

The animation shoukd be that the user clicks on a pin on a Google map and the modal drop in from the top of the screen. The dark view of the modal is its edit view. We can make a click event on something and have the pin flip over to this view.

Solution has to work in modern IE 10+, FF and Chrome

The data in the tooltip will likely come from json but we can worry with that in a different bounty

Could you be more specific about the animation? An example would be nice. What do you have in mind a slide left/right or a transformation?
stm over 4 years ago
I'm having a tough time finding any sort of similar animation other than a bunch of unrelated d3js stuff. Let me add an alternative style here with less complex and lofty goals. Thx!
Qdev over 4 years ago
Okay I have edited the bounty to make its purpose more clear and also changed designs so it's easier to do.
Qdev over 4 years ago
Do you need the markup and CSS built as well, or just the JavaScript required to make this interaction?
JoshuaTyree over 4 years ago
awarded to Wikimedia

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1 Solution

The following is an example of marker interactions with google maps. Is this what you were looking for?

Active Demo

Source Code

This looks good but the popover seems to be a static image, we need code for it as well
Qdev over 4 years ago