Awebber Autoresponder Setup
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I want to post 2 variables (email and password) to an aweber account and for the autoresponder to contain these variables with some other simple html and send to the email address provided

@MVB So to clarify, do you want the form to send the 2 variables and instructions to set up the autoresponder?
alex almost 9 years ago
I have a form that will post the 2 variables to aweber. I need the template (html) email to be sent to the customer with the 2 variables inside of the email. This way each customer gets a customized email when they sign up for my service containing their log in information.
MVB almost 9 years ago
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1 Solution

Check this:

Like MailChimp and other E-mail Distribution Platforms, templates' (HTML with variables) data models are lists. Your e-mail template will be configured mostly through some Web interface Aweber offers for interacting with results of the API (reports).

Look for downloads of their API and include that PHP code into your Web forms.