AutoHotPy Keyboard and mouse simulator
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I am working on a ingame bot which was working quite alright with a simple task. Until recent game change that stopped directkeys, pynput they both no longer works.
Idea is when object show up onscreen key W should be pressed and mouse moved to certain area (with x, y coordinates set ) and click RMC.
I found this which works quite well, but I am unable to use this wrapper due to lack of knowledge.
I essentially need a code in python to be used in While True Loop for mouse and keyboard.

This is a working example after running f1 key ouptut is infinite loop "abc" keys need something similar.

I need a code where I will be able to define what key will be pressed in the loop and where the mouse should move using

simple example from current code:

def press_w():

while True:
screen = np.array(ImageGrab.grab(bbox=(0,60, 1280, 800)))
new_screen = process_img(screen)
x = new_screen.sum()
if x > 10000:


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