Auto post app information to google play. $150
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I need a way to auto-fill the forms on

  1. Login to Google play developers.
  2. Press Create app.
  3. Fill out
  4. App name
  5. Select Language
  6. Fill out information below
  7. App Name
  8. Description
  9. Short Description
  10. Rating
  11. App Type
  12. Upload images (icon, splash, feature graphic)
  13. Category
  14. Website
  15. Email
  16. Phone
  17. Privacy Policy
  • Click all on the countries page Of course, it must click save.

It must get the information from a remote JSON file.

Preferably in a headless browser like CasperJS Ruby, Python, JS or any technology will do :)

Code must stay private please send to me via contact button. I will take the bid up to $150 if you someone can do this.


Some code to in Casper JS I did

i cannot access to that page, since i haven't an account there. can you post some images about it so i check? if you are trying to make a bot, that will post these informations directly from a file, maybe i can help
Chlegou almost 5 years ago
Here are some screenshots
WhiteHat almost 5 years ago
WhiteHat almost 5 years ago
well i have better approach than casper js, really useful and easy to implement, but i have to get access to an account to do it. unfortunately, i have no account there. i suggest, that we turn to team viewer, so i handle it from your computer. if you accepting that, this is my email:
Chlegou almost 5 years ago
Do want just the store listings form to be auto filled or every form in all the tabs on the left?
Manas almost 5 years ago
i don't really know. haven't try it before! don't know the real content on that webpages. but what you sent me now, i believe i can handle it. so i test everything on it, and make it working. if you have something else to automate it, we can do that too (after checking it of course!)
Chlegou almost 5 years ago
@Manas, Yes all the forms if possible but as much as you possibly can.
WhiteHat almost 5 years ago
it looks like a doable job but i have the same problem as Houcem, i don't have a developer account. If i am able to arrange access to a developer account, would definitely give it a try.
Manas almost 5 years ago
Hi Houcem B. A. Chlegou & Manas, I can invite you to my account to give it a try if you want please email me on
WhiteHat almost 5 years ago
If I recall correctly, you need to upload an APK to set the content rating. Will a APK be provided for upload, or should we ignore the content rating for now?
alex almost 5 years ago
I can provide you with an APK file no problem
WhiteHat almost 5 years ago

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