Auto Add Youtube Videos from subscribed Channels to specific playlists
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I am having a little trouble with a google script which I found on github. My Version of the Script:

Original Script:

What this script does:

You add the channel ID which you have subscribed to on youtube to a google spreadsheet and reference them to the Playlist ID you want new videos to be added. I have set a time driven trigger so the script checks every 2 hours for newly uploaded videos): (Don't mind the date-timestamp. It is an older screenshot)

What my issue is:

Two days ago the script stopped working as intended. Instead of just adding newly uploaded videos since the last timestamp in the spreadsheet, it started adding ALL videos from a channel to my playlists.
I guess google made some changes to an involved API, but I am simply lacking the skills to find out what the problem is.

I really need help and hope someone can fix it.

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To author: Unfortunately, it seems that the Youtube itself is not working properly at the moment, therefore the problem might not lie in the code itself.

To others: I still recommend trying coming up with a solution, as there still might be some ways of fixing this.

Do you have a link somewhere? I cannot find anything on google that YT is broken. And its quite a while ago meanwhile =\
LPanic 3 months ago
huh, thank you very much :D
LPanic 3 months ago