Authenticate with's API (Python / GAE)
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Despite the docs saying you "your app simply obtains a new connect token", you still need to sign the request for that token (as per oAuth standard). Described here.

So your job, basically is to sign a request for this token, get the token and redirect the user to the URL in the response.

Feel free to contribute your solution back to as your own. I don't care..just want it working.

You will need a free account (cool service if you haven't tried it)

Our app is running on GAE. Ideally you can test your solution there (we can too).

Is this what you need? lines 62-65
hashme33 9 years ago
Your script got us exactly what we needed. Can you post this as a "solution" though so I can award the bounty?
rsweetland 9 years ago
I've notified the script's author (zacwitte).
hashme33 9 years ago
For some reason, POST and DELETE methods are not working. Get works great though. I will create a new bounty for that issue @hashme33
Tony almost 9 years ago
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I have write a script in 20 minutes. As I understand this is that you need:

Nikolas, So sorry – someone had already posted a solution! I could not reward it however because it was posted as a comment. I should have noted that. Will give you a tip anyways since your solution looks great as well.
rsweetland 9 years ago