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Need to implement paging with using pagedlist. Here is the code. Returns 100 records looking for paging that shows 10 records per page.

' Pull the trade data to populate the tables.
Dim model As New wavesViewModel With { _
.OpenTrades = db.GetOpenTrades(), _
.oTradeDetails = db.GetOpenTradeDetails(), _
.cTradeDetails = db.GetClosedTradeDetails(1, 10), _
.TradeLog = db.GetTradeLogs(), _
.ClosedTrades = db.GetClosedTrades() _

            Return View(model)

        End Using

Public Function GetClosedTradeDetails(ByVal max As Integer, ByVal page As Integer) As List(Of TradeDetail)
Dim closedtradedetails = From closedetails In Me.TradeDetails Select closedetails Where = False Order By closedetails.closeDATE Ascending
Return closedtradedetails.ToList()
End Function

View: Need code here to add using ASPX and not Razor.

What I am looking for is to be able to page back and forth and sort on a date column in the table view. I have been scouring the interweb looking for an example to use and cannot find what I need.

Any help is appreciated.

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