Arduino to Android Visualizatino Pfod sketch
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I need an Arduino Uno Sketch that uses the Pfod library to produce 2 real time plots on one android screen with inputs from A0, A1, A2 on the upper plot and A3, A4, A5 on the lower plot.

Tips are available if the solution include a start/stop button, saves the session data on the android device and allows you to name each file.

Hi, did you try pfod's own pfodApp available on Google Play? Looks like it can do exactly what you need, i.e. choose which inputs to plot, mupliple plots on screen:, . Or did I misunderstand your requirements?
dekkard 6 years ago
dekkard, you were right i'm sadly getting much closer to my solution. Thanks. might repost with some need for the start/stop and a calibration button soon
dirkdiggler 6 years ago

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