Subhash Dasyam's solution to "Small simple Python FTP upload script "

[Recursive FTP Upload Solution]( Tested in Ubuntu **Instructions** **Python 2.7** sudo apt-get install python-pip -y sudo pip install configargparse zipfile save the code in or `python -u subhash_username -p password -s -po 5555 -r /var/www/html/test` python --help usage: [-h] -u [-p] -s [-po] -r optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -u , --username FTP Username -p , --password FTP Password -s , --host FTP Host -po , --port FTP Port Default 21 -r , --path local path It will recursively create directories in FTP Server and upload the files It also scan the zip files in local path unzip under same zip name then upload files by creating folders

User: Subhash Dasyam

Question: Small simple Python FTP upload script

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