Against Malaria Foundation

Last year, Bountify users avoided hundreds of headaches and saved thousands of dollars by crowdsourcing their coding problems. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

What’s even cooler? The unsolved bounties may have saved lives. $556 in un-awarded bounties was donated to the Against Malaria Foundation to distribute 222 long-lasting insecticidal nets, which will protect an estimated 400 people.

Why the Against Malaria Foundation? AMF is the most efficient charity at saving lives according to In fact, statistically speaking, it only takes $3500 to save one life that would not otherwise be saved*.

For that reason, un-awarded bounties will go to the Against Malaria Foundation from now on. You can also choose to donate your bounty winnings.

You can make a big difference for a small amount of money. Join the effective altruism movement** and save lives by donating now. Let’s see how many nets we can buy!

Best regards,
Bevan Barton (founder)

* To learn more about AMF, check out their fascinating GiveWell page or their website.
** If the idea of doing good efficiently appeals to you, check out the Effective Altruism movement, whose motto is “Using reason and evidence to do the most good”. We’re lucky to be able to make a huge difference for not much money.
** Also listen to Tim Ferriss and Sam Harris interview the co-founder of Effective Altruism, and read this NYT piece.