Alert sound for tags in Minecraft chat (FABRIC modloader only)
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There used to be mods for Minecraft that would alert you when tags (such as your username) were spoken in chat. One such example was this one, though it's several versions old and requires Forge. There are few chat mods for the Fabric modloader (one of the few is here, which has WAY too many features. I just need one that will play a sound (preferably configurable) when certain keywords are played in chat for 14.4+ and using the Fabric Modloader.

I would hope that the resulting mod would be released publicly as well; I can't be the only moderator on a public minecraft server who would like this.

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A very basic version of the mod is available at Let me know if there are any issues or features you need. The issues tab on github would be a great place to suggest features that aren't urgent.