Advice for web app for customer and lead scoring
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Please provide me, a non-developer, advice on requirements for a simple prototype that does the following:

I have an excel sheet which can calculate a lead score. I would like customers to be able to upload their own customer data as a spreadsheet, my calculations will run, and their spreadsheet will be returned to them or downloadable with the new “score” appended to each row/record.

It can be done with any Web framework, which able to input data from a web form and provide computed results from other URLs on the same server both for printable output, or bare HTML which can be opened by Excel directly by its URL, such as http://localhost/results.html. The main question is how complex is your computational model, and how much effort required to translate it from an Excel sheet to Python, etc.
dponyatov 2 years ago

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This answer assumes you don't mind sharing your spreadsheet and calculations with your customers. Otherwise, get a dev who can help you create a secure web app.

You should be able to create cells that hold your final calculation in excel.

Then use Google Sheets:

Create a new sheet from the plus sign the bottom right. File > import your excel spreadsheet.

Translate your functions if needed (double check that they work in google sheets). Lock cells.

Give the customers access to it by setting permissions so only you can edit. Let them only view it and download it. They just add their data in and the final calculation should show up in the cells.

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