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see page:

the conductor image underneath the leadership development text. It is currently a bit higher than the two images to the left.

I need the conductor image to be aligned vertically with the two images to the left


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The difference between the first two image and the third, is that the first 2 have a < b r > before tag < c e n t e r >, the third not.

You can fix adding a < b r > tag before third image.

If I can give you an advice, the layout should be redesigned, the "center" tag has been deprecated since HTML 3.02, and the use of "br" tag is not the correct way to center elements vertically.

The solution by Stefano Balzarotti seems to be correct, but to add to his suggestion about using text-align: center; in CSS instead of center tags; you could also consider changing your layout to use div tags instead of tables. Reasons:

Here's a guide to layout with CSS:
Note: they should be formatting their HTML with tabs!

Also, break tags are intended to create breaks in paragraph tags, not to be used as vertical padding. You should add padding-top: 28px;

The image slightly going above doesn't have a line break like the two images before..A quick solution would be to simply add a line break in the third column.
The line break tag between your center tag and image tag is your solution.

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