Adding Multichain to lamassu-server and lamassu-machine source code
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The following cryptocurrencies have been added to the Lamassu server/machine source code thus far; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, zCash, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash.

It is important to point out that Multichain may be configured with or without a native coin, in addition to whatever assets are issued on said blockchain. For this purpose, let's assume our Multichain has a native coin named 'Bucks' and the following assets; USD, CAD, and MXN. Thus, the Lamassu server would need a control pane that would allow the admin the ability to designate if a native coin is being used (yes/no), and if assets are being used (_yes/no, and if yes, which ones specifically).

Similar to how Lamassu handles the installation of the other native coins/blockchains (into the /mnt/blockchains/ folder), the same is true for Multichain, in that the user would run lamassu-coins and select 'Multichain' from the list and proceed to install it (see

Unlike the usual suspects (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), a Multichain blockchain must first be created... If needed, I can launch a new Multichain blockchain on a DO VPS and provide the connection details, please advise.

If someone is interested in tackling this, please advise and I'll create a new bounty for $100. Also, I have about 20-30 additions/mods/deletions that need to be done to the Lamassu server/machine source code, and I also need to have a wallet created for the Multichain blockchain (thinking of using the Copay source code), so if this type of work is in your wheelhouse, and you'd like to perform the contract work, let me know.


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