Adding Images With Style/No Style or Toggling Border/No Border
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I've got a simple app that lets me add an image to a fabricjs canvas (1.7.22). I've been having trouble creating a second one though, that'd have no styling. In other words, when I choose the "Add Image" button it should have a border (example below) and a second "Add Image 2" button that wouldn't have any styling.

An alternative that be nice would be just a button that would toggle the below style. Whichever would be easier to create.

Here's an example with a border style:

I'd be willing to tip for a solution that allows 1) the simpler option of just toggling any selected images with the border style (on/off), and 2) multiple image uploading

Please let me know if I can add any more info that'll help lead to a solution.

Thank you.

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1 Solution

Here's my solution

Please check it out.

Edit 1: Added support for multiple images loading.

Excellent work. Thanks!
sharper 12 months ago
Would you be interested in having it so that a link, eg an a element toggles this? So that I can place it in a dropdown menu? I'd be willing to tip again. Cheers
sharper 12 months ago
Something like this?
farolanf 12 months ago
Exactly like this. Hey, cheers again. Appreciate it
sharper 12 months ago