Add touch features to image positioning
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I need to use this lib for something but i need it to be friendly to touch users. I would like this bounty to be for extending this lib to work with touch (both the position and the buttons)


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1 Solution

Check this:

Source code:

It uses Hammer js for multicompatible touch gesture.

Because jWindowCrop is not compatible with touch and is not extensible, to not alter the code I used jquery.simulate.js that simulate mouse events.

The touch seems to go to the page and not to the control. (Ios device). hammer js is awesome, probably works great if we can keep the page from moving.
Qdev almost 6 years ago
Yes, the problem is the drag of viewport, I've made little update to prevent this.
Check it now.
Stefano Balzarotti almost 6 years ago
Well we are half way there, the page doesn't move but.. the picture doesn't either. also trying to scroll the page doesn't move so its like everything is frozen
Qdev almost 6 years ago
I've enabled again the drag, and I set viewportsize, I tested on Android and it works. It can be a bit uncomfortable if the layout is not responsive. Check if works for you..
Stefano Balzarotti almost 6 years ago
I released a little update, please test it now and let me know if you still have problems, thanks.
Stefano Balzarotti almost 6 years ago