Add PR to static site precompiled 'make' build system. Tasks include: gallery
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Hey, exactly what are you looking for? Just to implement owl.js?
enderdba almost 2 years ago
awarded to slang

Crowdsource coding tasks.

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I add some assets for this, you may see all i've done in my dropbox.
I'm done adding small slideshow to your home below about us section.

may i ask for your email so i can share to you so you can view the project thru my dropbox.

Once i link all the external files needed, i've do this code below the said section.
in js:


I can't paste the code well in this comment section please notify me thru email.
Hope it helps, since it my first time to answer bounty here in this platform. Please email me, Thank you.

looks good. will double check tomorrow. nice work.
simpletwist almost 2 years ago
I'm zanohikaru7 in github, i'm done in my PR, please check and don't hesitate to email me, actually your proj. in repo is not complete, and before i pulled it, i've already done getting your frontend project thru mirroring site, so i've worked on it and even before my pr on your git, i uploaded the task to my dropbox. here's my dropbox before i made my PR: here's the link of my PR:
Neo almost 2 years ago
Thank you. Need to do a simple comparison between the two solutions. I'll be in touch ASAP.
simpletwist almost 2 years ago
You hardcoded all the image paths.
slang almost 2 years ago
what? even your repo had some broken files and the only way that i fetched all your files is i was use some mirroring site application? then i do my part to make it working.
Neo almost 2 years ago
my repo isn't missing anything, you (apparently) just don't know how to use make
slang almost 2 years ago
solid. Let me compare. Thank you for adding the photos.
simpletwist almost 2 years ago
Cool. Let me know if you need any further tweaks.
kostasx almost 2 years ago
this doesn't run either - jquery isn't included until after the script is run, so that's broken. Also, the file paths are hard-coded, and they're not even right.
slang almost 2 years ago
Updated PR.
kostasx almost 2 years ago
Winning solution

Solution added to git repo.

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