Add FTScroller to Meteor App
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I would like to integrate the FTScroller into our Meteor app. We have a Web App that needs this to work inside all of our div's with overflow-y.

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Can you show your web app as well?
alixaxel 7 years ago
@Futurama56: Just so you know, Bountify is best used if you show the code you want fixed and ask for public solutions to be submitted. You're using it as a contractor seeking platform, which it's not. That being said, I'm willing to take a shot at it. Should I register for What then? Could you please post additional details here (or send me a private message if you don't want to make it public)?
alixaxel 7 years ago
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So basically ftscroller.js was being requested from client/js/lib and the browser kept complaining FTScroller was not defined. After looking at the Meteor documentation I saw the following quirk:

Some JavaScript libraries only work when placed in the client/compatibility subdirectory. Files in this directory are executed without being wrapped in a new variable scope. This means that each top-level var defines a global variable. In addition, these files are executed before other client-side JavaScript files.

Moving the file to client/compatibility was 90% of the work. =P