Add Evernote to OAuth Daemon (Open Source)
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The guys behind open sourced their system as OAuth Daemon.

It's a brilliant idea, and your contribution to this project would make the web a more connected place. (Definitely submit your code to them as a pull request when you're done!)

We already tried dropping in new Provider Configuration so unfortunately it's not that simple. If you're a Node developer though, it may require a few quick changes. Getting the system running locally was a piece of cake (on OSX).

Evernote API docs on authentication.

One other part of this bounty – document your work and add to their documentation as needed to make this easier for everyone.

Nice bounty. =)
alixaxel almost 6 years ago
Maybe not nice enough! I'm hoping someone jumps on this. OAuth Daemon is a really nice system – seems like a fun project for the right person!
rsweetland almost 6 years ago
Indeed, looks really cool. I'll have my go at this if I can manage to find some spare time. =)
alixaxel almost 6 years ago
awarded to SonicHedgehog

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Update on December 19: I have added the logo and a provider for Evernote’s production servers. I have also opened a pull request.

I just pushed my “evernote-provider” branch to GitHub. I ran a quick final test and I was able to authenticate via oauthd using Evernote, retrieve an OAuth token and then list all my notebooks using Evernote’s node module. The callback result also includes the User ID and the NoteStore URL.

Two things though: The provider is currently limited to Evernote’s sandbox server ( although switching to production just requires changing the base url to Evernote’s production servers should behave just like the sandbox ones do.

Furthermore, the logo is just a placeholder image right now. Evernote doesn’t provide a square logo (which is necessary for oauthd) and I’m not sure how they’d feel about cropping or modifying their logo in any way.

If anybody else could verify that this is working for them I’ll create a provider for the production servers and will try to get this merged upstream.

You just added the logo, didn't tried it but it seems sound enough. Good job!
alixaxel almost 6 years ago
Just opened a pull request too. Thanks!
SonicHedgehog almost 6 years ago
Fantastic! Just tested and it works great. I saw even merged this already. Two minor points.... 1. Can you make the "Server Side" method work in addition to the "Client Side" ( setting) 2. While you're in there, maybe add a line that only the Sandbox will work until your API key has been validated (As described here). I'm going to just award the bounty to you right now. How about if you do the above I give a 10% tip ($5). Great job! I'm sure your work will be appreciated by many.
rsweetland almost 6 years ago
Thanks! Regarding #1: The server side flow should work right away, you can activate it by expanding the “Security options” when adding the provider. I’ve just tested this and I was able to receive an access token. Regarding #2: I can’t think of a reliable way to verify that an API key only works in the sandbox. Maybe adding a checkbox to toggle between sandbox and production servers would make things easier. However, I don’t know if such integration would be necessary as I don’t know how many providers besides Evernote offer sandbox servers.
SonicHedgehog almost 6 years ago
Makes sense. Thanks again! Just sent the tip anyway : )
rsweetland almost 6 years ago