Painlessly Crowdsource Small Coding Tasks.

Put cash bounties on coding tasks and tough tech questions.
1. Post a bounty
Describe the problem and post a bounty. All on one page.

Posting a bounty is easy. Describe your task or question and choose a bounty amount. You pay the bounty amount (plus a small fee) upfront. It all happens on a single form.

2. Verify solutions
Programmers compete to provide solutions within 1 week.
Verify solutions and provide feedback as necessary. You have until 48 hours after the bounty expires to pick a winner.
3. Pick a winner
Pick the best solution to receive the bounty. Tip if you want.
The winner will receive the bounty. If you receive no solutions or none are satisfactory, the bounty will go to the Against Malaria Foundation. If you win a solution, you can choose to donate your winnings.

Why Use Bountify?

It's fast and easy.

Creating a bounty on a task or question takes place on a single form.

Solutions come quickly. Bountify users are incentivized to produce timely, quality solutions.

High quality solutions.

Solutions are publicly visible. If there is a problem with a solution, other users are likely to point it out. Bounty posters can award tips to helpful answers, so solution providers are always incentivized to add value when they can.

Bountify has ultra-low minimums.

Bounties on Bountify start at $1, whereas project outsourcing services may start as high as $500.

What if I don't get a solution?

If you receive no solutions, or you aren't happy with those that you did receive, your bounty goes to the Against Malaria Foundation. Read more in the FAQ. Most bounties receive working solutions.

Do I have to be a programmer to post a bounty on Bountify?

Bountify is geared towards programmers, but anyone can use it to post tech questions or tasks. Make your skill level clear when you post your bounty, so respondents can provide the most useful solutions.

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