1998 PC Game Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - working at normal speed, with patches applied, in Windows 8.1 on 2013 Razer Blade 14"
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Will tip $40 for a solution approximately more bug-free than the original product running on Windows 95. There is a CD image for download that does not run anywhere near properly. I have the original discs.

awarded to Fnord

Crowdsource coding tasks.

1 Solution

Winning solution

I posted the gist of it in the forum that you posted this in, but here goes.
What you need is the following:
-A legal copy of Windows 98 (or 95. I guess ME would work as well, though I don't like recommending ME :P )

-Some form of software that lets you set up a virtual machine. I guess this will work: http://www.microsoft.com/sv-se/download/details.aspx?id=3702

-A legal copy of Chaos Gate (which you already have).

Simply install the virtual machine, then install Windows 98 in it. Depending on the virtual machine, you'll probably be able to set up a virtual network connection between it and your regular PC, through which you can move the patch for Chaos Gate into your virtual machine, or if that does not work, you can set up a virtual disc drive, make an ISO containing the patch (and any other drivers that you want to install in your Virtual Machine, remember though that modern graphics cards generally don't have drivers compatible with Win 98, but I had no problem running the game with no graphics drivers installed), mount it and then set the virtual drive as your main disc drive in your virtual machine.

Now you should be able to play the game. Just remember that running a virtual machine can be rather demanding, so if you're still on a single core processor, it might run slowly at times.

You could also, in theory, try to install Windows 98 in Dosbox and go that rout. No idea if it will actually work, but it does not sound impossible. I had some issues with Win95 in an older version of Dosbox, but that was many many years ago (and on a far weaker computer).
Fnord almost 6 years ago
Thank you. I was seeking a solution not involving finding a copy of an obsolete OS.
Oathed almost 6 years ago
That's the only known solution that does not mean that you'll have to tamper with the maps. There is one other known solution, and that is to manually remove all the cultists from the maps with the help of the map editor.
Fnord almost 6 years ago